EviShield Sample Packs

EviShield Sample

If you would like to see for yourself how well EviShield works, please complete the form and we will send you a sample for trial.

For an easy trial place your handprint on a window, record the date and time you did this and then cover it with your sample of EviShield and record range of weather conditions and the length of time the handprint is preserved under this protection.

As an ever developing business we would be delighted to hear from you with your results and findings from your trials!

By collecting information like:

  1. The date of application
  2. The date of removal
  3. Weather conditions
  4. Location of application (i.e. door/window/wall etc)
  5. Type of surface it was applied too (i.e. glass/plastic/wood etc)

And of course any comments you might have regarding the EviShield!