Designed by a Forensic Specialist

EviShield has been designed by a Forensic Specialist with over 20 years field experience in partnership with Tamper Technologies, Queens Award winning tamper evidence tape and label manufacturer based in the UK.

EviShield has a patent pending and is still in development. Your input and opinions would be highly valued to add to the market research we are carrying out at present.

After carrying out thorough testing spanning years to ensure quality through time with a no shortcut approach to design, in order to ensure the integrity of evidence at a crime scene is no longer at risk of being compromised.

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In July 2017 a hand print was placed onto this double glazed UPVC unit, covered with a mini EVISHIELD then left outside throughout the next 34 months.

The evidence endured rain, wind, sun, and several inches of snow!

This is the level of detail of the handprint still available, having been exposed to the elements but protected by EVISHIELD

The ability to preserve and protect vital forensic evidence by the first officers attending until forensic officers can attend to gather the evidence.

To increase detections and convictions whilst meeting the key performance indicator of higher public confidence in the Police

Preserved and protected evidence will help to detect and convict offenders as vital forensic evidence remains intact and of higher quality for when the forensic specialists arrive.

By using EVISHIELD the first attending officer is proactively preserving and protecting evidence from all the elements and accidental damage, plus providing provable integrity and continuity of evidence as well as increasing the public’s confidence in the Police.

EviShield testing