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Protect and Preserve Your Evidence with EviShield – Even in the Wet!

Try the slider too see a crime scene before and after EviShield!

Welcome to EVISHEILD.

The patent-pending, innovative solution to protecting and preserving forensic evidence.

A bit about EviShield. Firstly, EviShield’s name is derived from “Evidence Shield” and in its simplest form is a waterproof, lightweight, breathable, windproof sheet of material which can be used to shield potential forensic evidence from the elements and accidental damage. The tamper evident tape sealing the evidence site ensures evidence integrity and continuity. Together they form EviShield, an evidence shield to protect your evidence.

There is currently no specific provision available for Police Officers or emergency services personnel to protect and preserve vital forensic evidence at crime scenes, so evidence is being lost and detection opportunities are being missed. EviShield, was launched at Forensics Europe Expo to solve this problem.

With all the changeable weather conditions we are experiencing evidence is being compromised. EviShield helps you detect and convict criminals through preserving vital forensic evidence.

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